The heart and soul of 3T Rail
Ratha and Devon

Ratha is a recovering museum Executive Director (ED) that has dabbled in buying and importing, while Devon is a proud US Air Force veteran with experience in management and operations. Together, they are the heart, soul and driving force behind 3T Rail Products, a wholesale company that caters specifically to the needs of train and trolley organizations.  


As an ED, Ratha saw first hand what a huge impact the gift shop had on both the visitor experience and on a tight bottom line.  And while being an ED indulged her love of rail history and preservation, she couldn't help but be frustrated that there wasn't a lot of "new and exciting" in the world of train gifts. That difficult search led to the creation of 3T Rail...a place where you'll discover hard to find trolley items and a whole lotta "new and very exciting!"

In addition, Ratha and Devon are proud parents to 2 minirailfans who they take their trains and titles of "Official Product Testers" very seriously.  The minirailfans also have the occasional cameo on 3T Rail's Instagram and Facebook feeds.   

And since we are always on the look out for the most awesome train and trolley gifts we would appreciate YOUR feedback!  If there are any items YOU would like to see added to our catalog, drop us an email at

See you down the line!